Fall is in the Air!

I LOVE this time of year!  

Everyday I wake up to find the outdoors changing.  
Cool, crisp mornings, vibrant colors on the trees, the grass is once again green and the gardens are giving us their last burst of colors....yes, Fall is definitely my favorite season.

Changes happening ouside here in Connecticut....

the first leaves to change

Our one-and-only hand carved pumpkin

Montauk Daisies brightening up my garden

even the ornamental sea grass is showing off its Fall colors

this variety turns wheat colored
And along with the outdoors changes are 
happening inside too!

I am a self-confessed scented candle junkie!  I typically have 10-12 varieties out and scattered around my home.

I recently discovered a new scent in the Votivo candle line, it's called Black Ginger and it's the perfect home fragrance for Fall.  When I discovered the scent back in August at the NY GIFT SHOW I wasn't really sold.  My mindset was still summer and I must admit it wasn't my typical go-to scent.  

The fragrance is one part Autumn, one part sophistication, with a touch of richness and I love that it's not overwhelming even when I burn it for hours at a time.  I just ordered a couple cases of it!

Besides burning my favorite new candle, the mitten box came down from the attic yesterday, the cozy throws are piling up next to the couches and winter-weight bedding is once again visible.  Even the kitchen is undergoing changes, soups and pot roast have already been made and we are on our 3rd batch of pumpkin bread.

I hope you are enjoying the Fall season too!

p.s.  I am busy gearing up for the No. 299 December sale which is the 5th, 6th and 7th....loads of fun goodies!


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