On my previous post I talked about a vacation but really it was more like a stay-cation because it happened in my own backyard, well the next town over from me.  Today I am writing about a real vacation.

This past week my hubby and I flew to the coast of Italy to celebrate 20 years of marriage, what an experience it was.....truly mind boggling.

For those of you who have not yet been to the coast of Italy you are in for a treat!

What is it about being in Europe, specifically Italy, that leaves us feeling like we are worlds away from the US?  Steeped in history.....the landscape, the structures, the local people and the food all have this enormous sense of "years ago" and seem so un-American.  Not once did we see a fast food logo, a to-go cup or a super-sized anything.  

Our travels started in the town of Amalfi (having driven 3 hours from Rome) a small coastal village, like all coastal towns built right into the hillside.

We started our mornings Italia-style with the most delicious, creamy, not-to-hot cappuccinos and a small nibble of something.  

The cobblestone roads and piazzas (town square) are filled with life and we watched while drinking our caffe.

Being on the coast, travel to other coastal towns happens via ferry.  Our first ride (30 min) took us to Positano.  
It has a vibe that is a bit bigger and more glamorous than Amalfi.

As luck would have it we met a woman who creates fabulous, small-group tours of the coast of Italy and she took us 30 minutes up the mountain to Trattoria La Tagliata, a family run restaurant built into the side of the mountain overlooking the harbor of Positano.  My fear of heights kicked in a few times as we drove precariously close to the edge of the minuscule-sized road and Chantal (our new friend) told us to get out and take a pic or two.

The trip up was most definitely worth it and we were rewarded with views unmatched by any other dining experience!

No menus, no rushing....just two hours of home-made food, local wine and fun conversation...
we loved every moment of it!  

And in typical "us fashion" hubby and I were hugging and kissing the owners goodbye promising to come back someday. 

Chantal, thank you for a wonderful experience we will remember forever!  
For more info on Chantal's excursions visit


The jaw-dropping views and vistas continued with our next excursion to the island of Capri.  After a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Amalfi we arrived in the harbor of Capri.  

Dotted with beauty, the island is like the Hamptons of Long Island.  Big yachts, fancy cars and high end shopping.  It is primarily a summer destination for those with money.

Sitting on the top of the mountainous island is the town of Anicapri, (see pic below) a 20 min taxi ride up!  Why I was sitting on the window side of the taxi (pic below taken from taxi window) I have no idea but there were a few moments when I had to look the other way, my stomach was in my mouth!  The drivers are specially trained to handle the roads but if you are a nervous driver then its best to keep your eyes closed!

Once up top we took a single passenger chair lift to the very tippy top of the island.  No seat belts, no saftey precautions, just your typical Italian laid back affair.

 After a few "i can do this" pep talks I hoped on and started my deep breathing techniques reminding myself that in 1 week I would be home filling lunchboxes with pb&j's so ENJOY it!

12 nail-biting minutes up to the top.  
hubby took this en route down but it gives you an idea how we were literally hanging!

But once again we were rewarded with "pinch me because this can't be real" vistas (pic below).  Of course, in my mind I was a bit distracted....I still had to ride the chair lift down!

I survived the lift and thank heavens my lunch, which followed shortly after....fresh pasta tossed with the most delicious pesto and local red my mind right back to vacation-mode.

We traveled via taxi back down to the town of Capri (but still amazingly high up) and visited a beautiful garden with yes, more amazing views.....

The colors of the Mediterranean Sea were the most 
beautiful shades of blue.  
But not Caribbean or Atlantic Ocean blue.....blues with more depth, they reminded me of the colors in a peacock feather.  
I think FARROW & BALL must have spent time here researching color depth!


Our trip continues.....more to come in the next post!


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