My Youngest and Most Stylish Customer!

For those of you who had a chance to come by the
No. 299 June sale 

you may recall this beautiful vanity...
fit for a queen or princess.  

A timeless, old piece with beautiful carvings, great storage and 
a secret center drawer!

Well it turns out my youngest (and cutest) customer bought it, with a little help from her mom!

Here it is perfectly installed in her bedroom.

And in this case it is most definitely fit for a PRINCESS
don't you agree?

But the ews and ohs don't stop there.  

Please read on....

Miss Kate has been a customer of mine for some time now.  

Last May she (her mother) bought this child's french chaise from my No. 299 sale and single handedly reupholstered it herself to match the 
darling bedroom decor....

Here she is cute as a button!

Oh to be Kate.....


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