Inspiring Others!

I have a customer (who is also a friend and a neighbor) who was recently inspired by the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I use to "re-discover" furniture.  

After a few instructions from yours truly she got busy!

Her dining room, which like mine, is used by her family of 5 for most meals so it gets it's fair share of use.  

And her grandmothers dark furniture was feeling a bit too formal and well, grandmotherly-like.

Here is a partial before pic of the furniture...
except for the back wall which she had already started.

Well, the next time I saw her dining room it was TOTALLY transformed....I was shocked at the power of the re-do and I mean shocked!

The dark, heavy set was light, bright and it felt like I was standing in an entirely different house! 

Annie Sloan Chalk paint and a bit of hard work to the rescue!

I love that she flanked her sideboard with super chic acrylic chairs (light and airy) and she hung an oversized-water theme canvas on the wall, again lightening up the space and adding an air of chic casualness to the formerly 
formal dining space.  She chose a white and grey combo which really pops.

This smaller side board was done in Paris Grey and she styled it perfectly....mirror leaning against the wall, lantern, bird perched on fun books and a cloche sitting atop moss...what's not to love?!

She swapped out her grandmothers table and bought one which she tweaked...painted the base and stained the top, perfect for the wear n' tear her family of 5 will show it.  

Then, she put 2 of the original arm chairs at the head but painted them and redid the seat with vintage-looking document fabric.  The rest of the seats are the acrylic chic numbers that also flank the sideboard...perfect for windexing dinner leftovers and sticky fingers.

And did I mention that she did all this during her 8th and 9th month of pregnancy?  

Maureen, you are a champion!


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