Does Your Bar Need a Freshen Up?

I love the look of an inviting bar!

I have a table in my living room dedicated to my "bar" and I love re-working it to keep it 
looking fun and fresh.  

I LOVE infusing VINTAGE onto my bar table.

This silver shaker screams Hollywood cool and I love the smaller scale of the glass ice bucket.  It's hard to tell in this shot but the silver (removable) handle and the matching tongs have a hammered finish to it.  

LOVE the detail!

This version of a vintage bar set up has a killer glass pitcher that would be gorgeous filled with just about anything!  

I love mixing silver with glass and this silver fluted bowl does just that.

The single rock glasses (or water glasses) couldn't be any cuter, each is embossed with a crown!  Gonna be hard pressed not to keep these ;) 

Notice I have both set ups on a silver handled tray?  I love that it adds that extra bit of vintage glamour.....
do you have one?

Come to the June No. 299 sale and get yourself one!

June 6th, 7th and 8th
9-4 pm
299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT


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