New Desk for my Daughter

On a recent post I showed off a fun desk chair I had re-done for my daughter's room. 
Like most new things in life it created a "snowball" effect and soon she was asking for a new desk, one with storage.

Last week I came across this desk. 
Great bones as they say but in need of some major TLC. 

You can see in this pic below the top was in bad shape and the color might have been great 50 years ago but wasn't gonna cut it for my 14 year old. I removed the beautiful hardware and got busy!

Some TLC on the top, then a couple coats of Linen White paint, some distressing and a finish coat of matte, clear wax to protect it...she actually does homework at her desk....and it was good to go.

And below you see it with her faux, white fur covered chair.  Now we have 2 problems....her desk lamp doesn't work with the lines of this desk AND her new chair won't fit into the we are on the hunt AGAIN! 

See what I mean about the "snowball" effect!


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