QUEEN to KING, I really thought it would be easy.

Have you ever made one simple (or so you thought) change and it turns into a gigantic snowball growing bigger and bigger with every turn?

A recent upgrade from a queen to a king sized bed started it all.  

Gosh, king size sheets are pricey!  

And then there are the king size pillows because regular pillows end up looking skimpy on a king size bed. Oh, and the comforter....trust me I tried our down, queen-sized comforter on the king bed....ha!

So you get where I am going with all this.

For the last 2 weeks we lived without a headboard and frankly I really didn't care because the new bed is SO cozy that I count the minutes until I can crawl in!  I have been giddy with excitement and horde magazines and catalogs saving them for bedtime reading.

I placed an order for a new headboard and while I waited for the arrival (and had MLK off) I decided to paint my dresser.

I have toyed with this thought many times before but never pulled the trigger.  It was bought years and years ago at an antique (well more like a flea market) auction.  I have always loved the castors, the glass and brass pulls and the brass trimmed key holes.  

Annie Sloan Aubusson was the color that spoke to me and I hoped it would get along swimmingly with the new vibe that was happening in the bedroom.  I also loved how it pulled that color out of the rug.  I swapped out the mirror for another, taller one, that was hiding in our basement.

Shortly after I finished the dresser the headboard arrived.

That is when PART II of the snowball kicked in.....the belgian linen and pale oak trimmed headboard fought with everything in our bedroom.  UGH!!!!  So not how I planned it to look.  Isn't that just the worst??!!

Where to start?

I took all the color off the bed that was bugging me, took down the gold sun burst mirror over the bed, removed the lamps from the night tables and headed to Home Goods.  I had that day off and I was a girl on a mission!

Gosh how I love that place.  I really could spend hours in there.  And I think I may have.  Plus I bumped into 3 of my customers who...   

1.  asked me design advice 

2. + 3.  eyed my bulging cart and wanted to know where all the goodies were headed.

I had some fabric from a project I did years ago that I held onto because I just loved it.  THAT was my jumping off point while shopping and boy am I glad I brought it with me.  I intend to make two 18' or 20" square pillows.  I love how it ties in the dresser and the artwork.  

Three large squares or euro shams that are reversible (score) offered the necessary tonal change.

I found these smallish lumbar pillows because my research taught me that a king bed needs lots and lots of tiered pillows.  The texture on these sold me. 

I found a faux fur throw that drives my husband crazy because I insist it be casually strewn across the bottom of the bed.

I found 2 large wood frames because the black framed art over my night table was fighting the new headboard.  That was an easy fix. 

I found a very cool basket intended for wall hanging but it just didn't work over the bed and ended up in my office.  A back up piece of horizontal art didn't work either so for now that remains empty.

Things are making me much happier.  

Here is the same view 3 years ago.


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