Sunday Project

I recently tried Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue chalk paint on a project I am working on...details in last 3 posts!

I became obsessed with it.  

It reminds me of something European that has been around for a long time.  It has character, depth and class in an old school kind-of way.  It also makes me think of the color of the Mediterranean Sea on the Amalfi Coast.  The most perfect mix of blue and green.  Five years ago hubby and I celebrated our 20th anniversary there and its pretty much heaven on earth.  If its not on your bucket list please do me a favor and add it!

Back in the beginning of June I posted about changes I was working on in our dining room.  The post titled "A Cleaner Vibe" showed the newly painted white walls and the black corner hutch.  I mentioned that I had ordered a new light fixture and since then it has been hung.  

I love it but like all things changes sometimes create a snowball effect.  I struggled with all the painted finishes in the space and not feeling a certain cohesiveness.  

Last weekend when I rehabbed a number of old pieces of wood furniture was my first time using Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue.

It dawned on me...probably in the shower where I do most of my best thinking...that Aubusson blue would work beautifully with the new light fixture and the black and white store going on in the dining room.  

Here is the side board before...

And here is it after....

I went ahead and painted the bench too knowing that the kelly green would be fun but too much craziness for me.

I still need to distress it a bit and finish with the wax.

After the second coat was dry I pushed it back to its spot and went to work testing the wall art to see what formula would be my favorite.  I tried the gold sunburst mirror.  I tried the black distressed sunburst mirror.  I tried old art work that was my in-laws and I even went so far as to remove my favorite painting of Cape Cod painted by my dear friend Priscilla Igram.  

Don't worry, it returned very quickly because I love the colors and it makes me happy.

Then I tried my mother in laws gold gilded mirror.  The scale is big and I worried it would be TOO big but ya know what?  I like it a lot.  


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