Rushing Summer right into my store

I don't know about you but by March I am VERY done with Winter.  

By April I am unpacking summer-y goods at the store and somewhere around the end of April it hits me that it's SPRING and Summer is still a good month away.  

I know I am not alone in this thinking!

Once mother nature starts teasing us with 70 degree temps it's hard not to think about Summer.

I was pleased to discover a handful of new vendors this past Winter that bring freshness and a summer-time feel to the store.  

Cheers to that!

1.  Mer Sea
A new line of beautifully scented candles.  Two dear friends who love everything travel and coastal joined forces to create the line and they did well.  Water, beach, sand, etc are infused into the line with scents, descriptions, memories and more.   The line arrived this week and is filling the store with incredible smells.  I love the way they package the larger glass candle in the canvas bags with a white draw string.  They even tuck a small match book inside.  Coral, teal and navy canvas are wonderful pops of color.  They sure do feel summer-y!

2.  Artiga
Direct from the south west of France where canvas striped espadrilles were invented.  This husband wife duo rescued a dilapidated old textile mill and turned it into a thriving biz.  Kudos to them!  

I have totes, clutches, cosmetics, wallets and soon will receive canvas striped stools for the patio or beach and colorful beach towels.  There is something so chic about this line.

3.  Patsy Kane
Is an authentic New Englander who works with special needs adults to craft and manufacture her nylon rope bracelets.  Based out of Marblehead Mass her bracelets remind me of Summers as a kid wearing my rope bracelet 24/7 until my Mom made me cut it off for the start of school.  Nylon rope pairs with a brass or stainless bow shackle for an adult take.  Available in small, medium and large. 

Stop into the store to check it all out and in the meantime I will enjoy the rest of Spring!


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