Did you know No. 299 offers in-home design service?

A customer recently asked me where it was now that I had moved downtown.  When I looked at her with a blank stare she said, "I told you when you moved that you needed to let people know about your design services.  Where is the sign?"

She is right and I did have a sign in the window for a short time.  Until a customer wanted to buy the chalk board.  My design services message got wiped off and the chalk board found a new home.

So, its back to the drawing board (or chalk board) to share my message.

It wasn't my intention to help people in their homes but after a handful of inquires I gave it a whirl.   Friends would say to me would you ever come over to my house and help me figure my living room out?  I would happily dole out advice on what would make a space feel brighter, or cozier or how the furniture might be rearranged to suit the room better.   Eventually I realized I had something of value to offer and worked out a rate for my time.  

Over the past 2 years I have done a variety of projects.  Many are simply a one hour consult.  During that time I offer ideas or advice on colors to paint a space or two.  I offer ideas on how to lay out the furniture, I share my thoughts or vision on what would make the space great or give tips on how to style the space with small decor pieces.

Some have become ongoing relationships where we tackle one room at a time.  And a few have been larger scale projects where I spend time weekly with a client helping them make decisions with lighting, tile, hardware, flooring, etc as they work their way through a renovation.  I have even sat in on meetings with the architect and contributed ideas on space and layout.

So if you have a project that could use another opinion or a fresh look let me know.  I can be reached at the store or by email.


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