revolving home decor

My home is constantly in a state of change.  I like to think it comes with the territory. 

The latest being a new dining table.  

I have always thought our dining room being more square than rectangular was best suited for a round table.  But when you already own a table that you love it can be hard to justify a new one.  That table was purchased some 10 years ago but to this day I still love it....antique English floor boards were used to make the table top. 
The rustic, vintage vibe that resulted was my ideal
(and still is).

I was ready for a change and so...
Merry Christmas to me!

I love the way my caned-back, grey faux suede covered chairs look around the distressed pine topped pedestal table.  Can you see the grey-ish distressing around the tables circumference?

I was right, round is much better and a friend gave me great advice....have a carpenter make an additional, round top in the event you wish to seat 10 or 12 at the table.  Two pieces of plywood hinged together to make a 72" round piece do the trick.  all in due time!

***Stay tuned for more to come on the take 2 on my old dining room table.  I tell people all the time, "if you love something you will make it work" and I did just that.


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