My quick, 1-day DIY

Anyone who knows me well has heard me talk about or seen me in action with one of my 1-day projects.

Usually it involves paint.

My most recent 1-day project...painting the backs of my built in book shelves in the living room.  For almost a year now I have been wanting to paint or paper them.  I love the use of seagrass paper in bookshelves for the texture it adds, or the look of a fun, busy, colorful paper to spice things up but was having trouble picking a favorite.  And since I am too chicken to wall paper myself I turned to PAINT.  

But what color paint has haunted me for a couple months now.  It took lying on my couch watching TV with the perfect angle so I could see the bookshelves and the walls in the dining room when I found my solution.  I would paint the backs of the shelves the color I had recently done in the dining (adjacent) room.  I like it when rooms flow and this I thought would be great.  Plus, the Peaceful Gray would blend nicely with my pale blue walls.

This is one side before the project.....

And this is both sides after.....

You will notice that I tweaked the content a bit...those board games got relocated.

These got tweaked a bit too.

All in all I am happy with the outcome.  

Now I am thinking of painting my living room BM White Dove.  

I may wait till the weather cools off for that!  Stay tuned.....


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