The Bedroom...A Work In Progress!

This bedroom's design aesthetic has been morphing
for three years now. 

The built in armoire you see below was originally painted BM Dove White to match the molding and the walls were painted a faint pale blue.  It worked well with the black and white toile accents and white linens. 

About a year ago a bee flew into my bonnet and so the walls were painted BM Edgecomb Grey and the built in BM Grey Wisp.  I loved the soft, soothing colors, perfect for a bedroom.  All good until recently when this vintage 1930's crystal chandelier went up.  It just demanded more.

So while my better half was away I got to work.....

Black gloss

was an idea but it wasn't until a friend said " go with black" that I felt comfortable taking the plunge.  Two days later and a few purchases later is feels right.  A little more work to go but I think this is the perfect bold anchor the room needed...thank god because can you imagine painting over black?!  Plus I would never hear the end of it from my sister!

The one remaining question...does the antique wool oriental work here....not sure it does?

I love how the gold vintage handles pop on the doors of the armoire now that it's painted black and they work well to tie in the sun burst mirror over the bed.

The flea market find below that I have owned for years may just get a redo with this fun zebra fabric and I think I will leave the super thick wood trim on the bottom as is
for that rustic, vintage vibe. 

Sitting in front of the leather reading chair it will be great!

A trip to IKEA today resulted in this great throw for the bottom of the bed, love the stripe thrown into the mix...if you have ever read my blog before you know I LOVE stripes!

And also at IKEA I stumbled upon this down-filled pillow with terrific texture on the front.  It has been plunked down in the leather chair that sits in the corner.

Let's hope the husband is pleased with the redo, I know I am!


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