Experiment #1

When I bought this piece I told myself I would chalk it up to an experiment and just have fun with it. 
Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would
turn out this great!

I believe this low, wide and very large dresser was a part of a cool bedroom set back in the day.  But the wood was outdated, the hardware was cheap brass that was worn and gaudy and the ivory curtains that were place behind the wire doors just screamed horrible!  I hmmed and hawed about it for a couple days and upon my return it was still there so I said what the hell, I'll give it a try!

I have been loving all the cool color I am seeing out there and wanted to put a pop of something into this piece.  I looked at orange, bright green even yellow but returned them all when I thought of navy.  Initially I wanted to paint it white and ordered the Annie Sloan White Chalk paint but white is sometimes too white.  So I toned down the white with a touch of grey and this is the outcome. 

This dresser could easily be shared by a wife and hubby!

Up close it actually looks a bit whiter than in these pics. 

This is an up close of the hardware that is a swinging pull handle.  I love the way the navy plays against the
white-ish grey!

I'm thinking I may need to dabble more with experiments.
Is the March sale on your calendar? 
If not get it on there pronto!
Thursday March 29th and Friday March 30th
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