My Daughter's New Desk Chair

I am so easily distracted by creative projects!

This one is the perfect example.  I have my No. 299 December sale less than a week away, I just hosted 20 of my family for Thanksgiving and yet I HAD to finish this chair for my daughter's room.  She could have cared less mind you but I couldn't do another thing until I saw this project thru to completion.

About 3 weeks ago my best friend dropped off some treasures and one of them was this chair.  Run down, a bit unstable and sporting the most god-awful seat was screaming to be redone!

I quickly painted it linen white but couldn't quite put my finger on the seat cover. 

There is lots of color going on in my daughter's room and recently she has been crying out for a more sophisticated look in there.  I was stumped but when I stumbled upon this faux fur I knew right away it would be perfect and still fun!

This sophisticated, yet girly chair looks great from the front and the back. 

And I am thrilled that it takes the attention away from the boring, bought-at-the-store desk that I should be embarrassed to show on my blog!

Now that the chair is done and out of my workshop I can focus on preparing for my sale.  

Where are the little elves when you need them?


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