Frames Galore!

I love old frames. 

Most people admire a work of art for what's inside but I tend to look past the art and focus on the frame.  I love old frames with lots of detail.  My mind is busy figuring out what I can make with the frame or what color I will be painting it.  
In the old days, "pre-kids", when we lived in NYC I would hang empty frames on the apartment wall...just as long as they were interesting in detail.   Today it's not much different.  Here are some frames I found on a recent outing pre and post the paint job. 

The small one up front I didn't dare paint because it had just the perfect amount of patina to the stain and interior gold rim...a finish like that takes years to acquire.

I think these beauties are getting chalk board inserts...the small beauty would look great hanging on the outside of my powder room door with "The Loo" written in script!


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