Getting Inspired~!

I am feeling inspired and gearing back up for a
September No. 299 sale. 

Keep an eye out for my save the date notice and my invite.

A trip to the shore and a fun visit with old friends
did the trick! 

The colors at the beach never cease to amaze and inspire me. 
They are simply and very naturally beautiful. 
I saw greys in too many shades to count.  Beiges, blues, even greens
and mixtures of them all! 

Even the itsy bitsy clams, no bigger than a pinkie toenail boasted shades and hues I wanted to steal and bring home in my duffle bag. 
My son filled a bucket with the itsy-bitsy clams and as we inspected them we were amazed at the beauty nature produces.

And then there was the birthday! 
My middle guy turned 11 and had a very specific request for his cake.  Chocolate layers (3) with my buttercream frosting.  It was a cake fit for a king and any other hungry, chocolate-lovin' fans which pretty much meant my whole family and everyone at the party! 
We fought over the last crumbs. 

I love to bake and I love watching people's faces as they eat my goodies...YUMMY!

So now its back to soon as I post this I'm heading down to my workshop....there are goodies to be created!


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