Serving Cart....Inside or Outside?

My husband came home with this wicker serving cart.  I hardly remember where it sat or how it was used at my in-laws summer place but I know it wasn't used as a serving cart!

Thinking it would look much better black I painted it and love the outcome!  The big question is should it be used inside or outside?

Inside its great as a bar and bottom shelf allow you to house all you need for a well stocked bar.  I placed a square, black lacquer tray on the top shelf for wine glasses and liquor bottles.  This make is easier for someone to pour a drink and not spill.  I love that it can be moved around the room easily.

Outside its the perfect entertaining party cart!  Fill it up with everything you'll need for the party and you won't have to run back inside the house a million times.  I even put a small lantern on it so when it gets dark people can still see what they are doing.  You'd be surprised at all this baby can hold!  Its light-weight frame makes it easy for me to bring outside or carry back inside myself.

When is your next party?

Bar Cart:  $90


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