There are NO rules to holiday decorating!

This time of year holiday decor takes center stage.  It is fun and festive!  

We get lots of customers coming into the store asking how to do their mantle or table.  The answer to this and all holiday decor questions is do what makes you happy!  

For some this may mean loading their space with traditional red and green, for others who may live near the beach it's aqua, white texture and driftwood and some like a cleaner, more modern white and silver vibe.  

I don't work with an overall theme and truthfully I usually forget where I had things the previous year so mostly it's like starting new.  I pull out the holiday bins, add a few new things and over the course of couple days I get it done. 

Here is my holiday happy!

I will start in the to our kitchen door is my dear friend Sandy's artwork that she gifted me some 12 years ago.  I add the bells to the door and it drives my family crazy but I love the it sounds like santa's sleigh.  

I hung this sign over my coffee area.  I must admit I am one of those who removes wall decor and replaces it with holiday decor.  

On a side counter I have this cookie jar with a set of wire lights....really, don't lights just make everything better?

Leaving the kitchen and heading into the dining room is the ornament wreath.  You can see a peek of the cookie jar on the left.

A while back I took all my window treatments down in the dining room and I like how clean it feels.  It also leaves plenty of space to hang the 3 wreaths.  They are good quality faux ones and I box and store them after the holidays.  

The Mr. and Mrs. Claus wood statues have been with us for a long time and I still like them.  

This side table in the dining room got a pop of gold to match the chandelier.  I filled a cloche with brass wire lights and love them paired with the gold straw trees from last year.

On our dining table I have placed 3 clusters of what I like to call the Dr. Seuss trees.  

In our front hall I take full advantage of the drape affect.  
This mirror is at the bottom of our stairs and has the perfect ledge to place this thin wood sign.

We have an old painted dresser in our front hall where we collect the mail and holiday cards.  The mirror below is resting on it.   I like to put lights here, the church has a bulb inside and glows so pretty at night.

Head into the living room and on the back wall is our 2-piece hutch turned dry bar.  I keep the lights on the inside perimeter year round but added lots of festive do-dads to the shelves.

I just polished the vintage silver tray and its amazing how happy freshly polished silver makes me!

I grew up with a manger that sat on the same table every holiday.  My parents gave us this mini one years ago and its super easy to find a home for.

We are waiting for the oldest to arrive home from college to put up the ornaments so for now our tree is a bit bare. The handful of wrapped gifts help. One of my favorite things is buying wrapping paper.  I love to pick papers that all coordinate. 

I chose to leave my vintage buoys out this year and added the white feather trees to them. 
I spy another vintage silver piece that needs polishing!

I found this santa at IKEA last year and its sweet sitting on the vintage coffee table tray with another Dr. Seuss tree and a scented candle.  

I like trays on the coffee's instant organization!

In our little den I kept things kinda mellow.  

The green feather trees I have had for a few years but this is their first time in the den.  I like that they feel wintery.  

Full disclosure, I have a throw pillow obsession and could NOT resist the 2 plaid ones that I put in here. 

The merry & bright sign is mellow but feels good in here.

In our powder bath I placed this wool tree on the vanity.

And I did a "cut and paste" on the sign and felt head deer.  
Too cute not to re-use it just like I did last year.

I like to remember the upstairs spaces too.  

This year we have my parents joining us for Christmas Eve sleepover so I am making sure to remember the third floor bunk room too!

In the boys bath I added a bit of easy to drape the garland over the sign.

And on the upstairs hall chest I placed another glitter house.

I even snuck a few felt trees in my daughter's room.  
I wanted it to feel festive when she gets home from school next week.

Thanks for taking a look at my holiday happy.  

 Happy holidays to you and your family and
 let's all hope for PEACE everywhere!


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