Part 4....the last hurrah

I had been patiently waiting on a delivery to the store... 4 metal stools for my current project "Out East".

With a small window of time last week I headed back out to Quogue to do what was my last drop off and tweak of the beach house project.

When I opened No. 299 five years ago I had no idea what was in store for me and this project is just ONE of the amazing opportunities that have been a result of me chasing my dreams.  Sure, over the past few years I have worked with a number of terrific clients on a whole range of projects.  But this one is a bit more special.

I had a budget, the person who hired me just said do what you want (of course within reason) and I had the benefit of spending 4 weekends out in the Hamptons.  Even tough I spent the majority of time at the house working/painting/installing I did get to take a walk on the beach one late afternoon, have lunch with a handful of family members at their beach club, see a ginormous full moon over the water late at night and shop at one of my favorite stores...Homespun in the quaint little downtown of Quogue.

Plus, my I got to collaborate with my brother-in-law who is super handy and had amazing ideas for the house both inside and outside.  He installed an outdoor shower and built a cedar deck off the Game Room.  And then last weekend he texted me to ask how I felt about an herb garden on the side of the house.  You can imagine what my response was??!!  Hell yeah!  And for the record he was asking but 2 seconds later he texted me a picture of his already built herb garden.  This guy doesn't mess around!

It was like having my very own Chip Gaines on the project.  Lucky me!

A couple areas I have not shown you.  I mentioned that the old living room, a former 2-car garage, with vaulted ceilings was just TOO big to furnish.  So I decided to make it a GAME ROOM.  It makes sense given there are french doors that lead out to the patio and pool (and now the deck and shower too!) and this is a Hamptons Beach House so there needs to be an element of fun.

The ping pong table I ordered went smack in the middle. 

 I rehabbed an old wood table and opened it up to create a square.  A wood checkers board went on that and we surrounded it with metal stools.  

In the corner I put a metal, rolling bar cart to service the GAME ROOM and the patio...just roll it out!

And a round high top table and 2 stools went against the wall for spectators.  

Every fun room needs a flat screen TV for sports watching! 

The chest in the far left corner was the bottom portion to an old armoire and it fit so nicely in that back corner that I decided to keep it and give it a coat of Hale Navy to tie the story together with the high top table across the room.  The wood glass front cabinet was a hand-me-down (I really do have trouble throwing anything out!) and it now holds the extra ping pong balls and racquet's. 

Two of the three bathrooms were painted Hale Navy and believe it or not they actually enhanced the existing tile....grey and a grey-beige.  Here is the hall bath before...

New faucets, toilets, shower stall doors, shower heads and cabinet pulls (thanks to the handy work of my brother in law) and the bathrooms look brand new!  

The master sinks...

Early the next morning I made a last minute run to a local TJ Maxx to add that last layer.  Hand towels, bath towels, soap dispensers and a few other do-dads for the bathrooms and kitchen.   

They really do make such a difference!

I realized on my last visit that the full bath off the living space had no mirror so I hung this guy and couldn't resist a few new white towels.

The master bedroom is HUGE and so even after I worked my magic it felt empty and lacking.  But I needed to remind myself that it's staged to sell not be lived in so I am dealing with it.  

I painted the existing king headboard black, rehabbed 2 shield back chairs with chalk paint to match the night table and placed them at the oval, glass topped table that was in the pod.  I lucked out with this black and white large sized piece of art framed in the same warm wood as the table.

The cedar bench, also that same warm toned wood, was perfect for the empty wall opposite the bed and I simply painted over the toile floral design that covered the oval metal plate. The distressed star burst mirror filled the empty wall nicely.

The drop leaf table got a few coats of Annie Sloan Aubusson paint and became the night table (visible in the pic above) and I put new white linen fabric on the chair seats.

The kitchen got new hardware and the metal black and white SUPERMARKET sign.  

With that black and white tile floor I just couldn't resist.

Shocked that I found all of these do-dads on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx??!!

The small black wood sign is covering an old phone jack.

And I added a few more pieces to the walls in the living room. The triptych filled the large empty wall and gave the space a little something extra without stealing the show from the main piece over the fireplace.

And a pair of matching distressed star burst mirrors flanked the walls off the entry hall.

The front entry needed a spot to plop things down and what beach house is complete without a beach bag?

Last minute I picked up a navy and white striped umbrella and outdoor metal stool/side table to sit at the head of the pool.

Rushing to catch out ferry home I missed getting pics of other details.  Below is the link to the listing on Zillow if you care to see more.


Thanks for following along!  

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