Part 4...boy that went fast!

Another weekend out East behind me and I am happy to report that we are almost done!

This time I dragged hubby with me and was SO happy to have a helper in toe!  It's just so much more fun working on a project with your best buddy.

We filled the "burb" with another load full of furniture and decor items.

We took the ferry out which is such a lovely way to travel to Long Island.  It doesn't save you any time but it is literally stress-free!

I got to work first thing Sat morning with a third and final coat of black paint on the master headboard. 

The 2 shield-back chairs needed a second coat of Annie Sloan Aubusson and the dining table needed 2 coasts of poly to give it some protection.  More on the master bedroom in the next post.

We brought out a high top table to put in the game room and once we brought it into the house I knew I would need to paint the top of it.  Two coats of Ben Moore Hale Navy and it worked SO much better.  I had the painters use Ben Moore Pale Oak in this large space.  And I LOVE the way navy pairs with it and crisp white window trim.

The sliders on the right side lead out to the patio and pool.  

The painters had put protective paper on the floors and we left it in place while we worked on Saturday just in case.  This is the galley which faces the front of the house and at the end if the front door.

The living room still had various pieces hanging around.

Hubby and I wrestled the sofa out of the shipping box and I was pleased that the color worked!

I was bummed to find out that the coffee table I had brought was too high for the sofa.

Plan B was to use the 2 folding stools from Artiga.  A new line I am carrying at the store.  I love the addition of the bold stripes to the living space and paired with the new sofa its really fun.

While I painted hubby put the new master bath knobs on to match the 2 new faucets that my brother in law installed last week.  Both from Home Depot.

Hubby and I put the pair of twin beds together and once we did that I saw a few spots that I must have missed the previous weekend when I painted them navy.  The touch ups were quick.

I scooted into Target last week to pick up a towel for my daughter and we left with 2 carts full of goodies.  Don't you just love it when you score awesome stuff on clearance at that place??!!  It was all final touches but sometimes those things really make a space.  

I found these cotton blankets at Target.  
They add a great vibe to the navy painted bed frames.  And because the walls and carpet are so neutral the room can handle both stripes.

The small lumbar pillows with beach bungalows (on clearance at Target) are the perfect pop in front of a white pillow.  The small wood framed nautical flag was a Home Goods find.  
I was lucky to grab 2 different flags.

I brought a wicker basket to help break up all the navy and white and sat the vintage wood buoy in it. The metal painted chair filled the corner.

Hubby was a sport holding up items for me to ponder.  I chose these 2 for a few reasons.  I love that the painted star burst mirror ties in the aqua blue that is also in the 2 decorative cabana pillows and because there was a lot of pairing going on...2 of everything bed related so I wanted to mix it up on the wall.  Too much matching gives me hives  ;)  

I also love the positive message for a kids room.

I kept the recycled drop leaf table in its original finish to add some contrast in the space.  I love it against the striped drapes.  I added a couple of vintage items for some interest.  Hardy Boys books, a lantern turned lamp and aqua glass electrical conductors.

I chose to dress only one window since the other which faces the front of the house sits much lower and its upper eyebrow makes things tricky.

We stopped about three o'clock Saturday afternoon to take a necessary trip to Lowe's and it was good timing because boy was I tired. 

I cracked up when I found this snickers bar with a custom label... perfect for how I felt at that moment.

On route back to Quogue we decided a cold beer was in order so we picked up a 6-pack and then headed to the Quogue market to get a few nibbles.  While hubby was busy picking out some cheese and expensive crackers I scooted into Homespun next door.  Cutest shop on the strip.

A dunk in the pool, a beer (or 2) and we were feeling revived!

We discussed what was on our to-do list for Sunday and booked our ferry reservation before hitting the movies.

My brother in law was at the house all weekend too busy as ever.  He decided to built a cedar deck off the game room and install an outdoor shower.  Did I mention that he is super handy?!

Sunday we pulled the protective paper off the floors and got to work handing artwork, mirror, signs, etc.

As soon as I spotted these 2 fringed pillows at Target I knew they had to be paired with the oars.  And since the bed frame in the guest room came from Bob's and is very white I liked the idea of hanging something vintage over it to tone it down.  I also love the color combo of this dark aqua, white and honey brown.

I brought a painting from my basement, knowing the colors would all tie together wonderfully and a captains' wheel mirror left over from a dresser I had refinished a few years ago.

I chose an indoor outdoor rug from Ballard for the living room.  

They are my go-to for high impact low cost!
I opted for a neutral color with a pattern.  

You can see above and below that I chose to hang the same IKEA wicker light fixture in dining and living rooms.  It's a great way to tie 2 close spaces together.

IKEA sells the basket clam shell and the wire bulb insert separately and then my brother in law converted it from a plug in to a hard-wired fixture.  It took him about 5 minutes!  Did I already say he is very handy?

I found the artwork over the fireplace at Home Goods.  It's an actual acrylic painting.  The colors tied the whole room together nicely and artwork can be very expensive so at $99 this was a definite find!

I found the painted sofa table at Elephant's Trunk Flea market a few weeks ago for $50!  Didn't even have to paint it....YAHOO!  And I love the vintage glass buoys (also from the flea market) for that nautical vibe.  

The brass trimmed glass hurricanes were another Target clearance item. 

Honestly, that trip to Target was a total SCORE!

The metal compass went up in the dining room.  

I had been dragging my feet on picking chairs for the table. I had looked at the ghost chairs, the metal painted industrial chairs and also the Serena and Lily knock off french bistro chairs.  I just hadn't pulled the trigger on anything.  

Once I saw the light fixture up I had a brainstorm.  In my basement back home I have 4 white, distressed ladder back chairs with a light golden rush seat.   Given I am on a budget and they would be free its a no-brainer.  Fingers crossed it works!

I like the way the wicker chandelier lightens up the space.

When we woke up Sunday and my assistant a.k.a hubby asked when we were heading to the beach I realized he was gonna have to get there at some point before we left to head back home.  

The beach is his happy place!

We headed down around 3 to grab a sandwich and visit with his family and I am so glad we did!  

Our view from the lunch table was totally worth it!

I always love this view heading from Dune Road over the Quogue bridge.

As we headed to the ferry we felt good knowing how far we had come.   

See you soon Quogue.

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